Guest Speaker

Bill Wilson

President of Metro Ministries International

Bill Wilson (born 1947, in south Boston, Massachusetts) is the president and founder of Metro Ministries International, America’s largest ministry to children with branches in various nations. He is a well-known speaker, author, pastor and advocate for poor, inner city children all over the world.

Wilson’s mother abandoned him on a street corner in Pinellas Park, Florida, at age 14. She said, “I can’t do this anymore. You wait here.” Bill stayed on that street corner for three days, but his mother never came back. Dave Rudenis, a local mechanic and committed Christian, found him there and took him at his home. Rudenis offered to pay this young man’s way to a Christian summer camp. It was during this camp that the 14-year old Wilson committed his life to God. While he was a teenager, young Bill Wilson was given a job at his local congregation. After his high school graduation, Wilson was encouraged to attend a seminary.

After graduating with a degree in Bible and Theology from Southeastern University of the Assemblies of God, Bill Wilson returned to his home church and pioneered one of the first bus ministries in the United States. Each week, Wilson and his team picked up thousands of children from the projects of St. Petersburg, Florida and presented a weekly program that included games, music, puppets and a weekly message. After years of success in Florida, Bill Wilson was invited by Tommy Barnett to replicate this ministry in Davenport, Iowa. Within four years, Barnett and Wilson helped create one of the largest Protestant churches in America.

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