Guest Speaker

Habib Bardowell

Habib Bardowell’s Welcome Jesus being sung in the Russian language was the last thing an American passenger expected to hear on the Russian train from Kiev to Lviv. But that’s exactly what it was. When the American approached the guitar-playing singer, the young Russian stopped and exclaimed, “You know Habib Bardowell?! He's my favorite singer!!” And he’s not alone. Bardowell’s music is being played from here to Australia to Europe to Brazil and is being broadcast across CSN’s network of 150 Christian radio stations, and seasonally over KSBJ’s worldwide radio wires.

Quite a change for the once exclusively-secular musician who used to play keyboard and sing backup for such world renown artists as Mike Love of the Beach Boys, Richard Carpenter, and Jan & Dean. This is a change that not only affected Bardowell’s life, but many others as well. “God called me to be a worship leader and everything else revolves around that.”

Serving as Associate Music Pastor for Saddleback Church for 3½ years, Bardowell watched them grow from about 6,000 people attending each week to over 12,000. In 1996, God called Bardowell to serve as Head Music Pastor for Fellowship of The Woodlands in The Woodlands, Texas. The church was 2½ years old at the time. In three years attendance grew to over 4,000 people every weekend.

Whether he’s writing songs, recording or helping churches build music ministries, Bardowell’s mission is to “lead people into the presence of God and to help them grow in Christ.”