The Twin Lakes Church Anchor

Twin Lakes Church Newsletter: September 2008

Greetings! Well summer is over (though you wouldn't know it by the weather!) and we're heading into fall! The buzz around the church office these days is the upcoming LOVE series. Our self-published books just arrived today and they look GREAT! I'm looking forward to this all-church focus on love.

There are some great things coming up this month that you won't want to miss:

THIS Weekend...

Back to School... This weekend is "Back to School Weekend". You'll meet Twin Lakes Christian School's new principal, Meg Imel. PLUS there will be a special back-to-school treat for everyone!

Man Camp III Calling all guys! MAN CAMP sign-ups begin this weekend — you won't be able to miss them. Look for the RV with football games playing on TV! Man Camp III is the last weekend of September up at Camp Hammer. Don't miss out on the fun!

101 and 201 101 and 201 classes for you:
Class 101 is a fast-paced seminar that covers the basics of the Christian faith and membership at TLC. This is the class for you if you're interested in being baptized at the upcoming beach baptism!
Class 201 discusses how to enrich your relationship with God through prayer, Bible study, church involvement and much more.
Both classes meet this Sunday evening from 4-8pm in Monschke Hall. There's no need to sign-up. We provide FREE dinner and childcare.

NEXT Weekend...

Ray Johnston We'll hear from Pastor Ray Johnston, visiting us from Bayside Church in Granite Bay. In addition to being the teaching pastor of this fast-growing church, Ray is author of three books and a sought-after conference speaker.

Art Show The TLC Art Show will cover the campus with creative works by artists from our own congregation. You don't have to be a professional, so get more info about how to be part of the show! AND during the Art Show you can also enjoy a burrito from Tucson Taqueria!

In TWO Weeks...

Rene Schlaepfer The following weekend (September 20th and 21st) Pastor René returns from sabbatical! Yahoo! René is so ready to come back that he wanted to help write this edition of the Anchor:

Hi everyone! I am SO excited to get back to TLC after a wonderful summer sabbatical — especially because this fall we're launching the most comprehensive, immersive experience TLC has ever seen: "LOVE: The Heart of God's Plan". I am so stoked about this. This will be more than a sermon series, more than a Bible study: It will be an IMMERSION in love!

LOVE After all, Jesus said loving God and loving others are the most important commands in the entire Bible; Paul said love is the greatest virtue of all; John said we know we are Christ's disciples by our love.

So this fall we'll be studying what the Bible says about love in our weekend sermons, in our home Bible studies, in our weekly devotions, in our memory verses, in our youth groups, in our children's programs — at all levels, at every point, we will all be on the same page, with a goal of changing into the kinds of disciples Jesus wanted!

And we won't just be studying love — every group will have opportunities to practice love in creative ways through ShareFest, the food drive, and much, much more. Please do not miss this experience! For the full impact, sign up for a small group next weekend!

By the way, I have been so delighted to see both attendance and giving at Twin Lakes Church have actually INCREASED this summer while I have been away! I am so happy because this shows our church is not built on the shoulders of one man, but is being built into a living body by Jesus Christ Himself through the ministries of many faithful men and women! See you all very soon!

With LOVE,

Beach Baptisms ALSO that weekend: Beach Baptism! Join us on Sunday the 21st at Seacliff Beach for this inspirational event! We'll begin with a hot-dog dinner at 4:30pm and the baptisms will begin around 5:15. There will be music and s'mores too!

It's awesome to be part of this great church! Please keep all these upcoming events and weekends in prayer. We love to have fun events to look forward to, but our ultimate goal in everything we do is to build up the Church as we draw closer together and closer to God!