The Twin Lakes Church Anchor

Twin Lakes Church Newsletter: October 2008


Hi, everyone!

I can't believe it's already week 3 of our LOVE immersion!!! There are so many great things happening...


We have more small groups than EVER before at TLC, with over 200 home groups and family groups going through the LOVE DVD curriculum; church attendance is up; and I love to hear about all the life change! Be sure to check out our web site,


Here are some encouraging e-mails I've received in the past couple weeks:

"My daily life really has been changed reading LOVE each morning before I get everyone ready. This is really a great calling for us all and if we can LOVE ourselves as HE loves us, and love others in our actions, we will truly see Jesus here amongst us."

"Incredible! All I can say is incredible. God is so good. Thank you so much for the All Church Service at Cabrillo College stadium. God showered us with His love this day. Thank you for the wonderful family that gave a testimony of the wife and daughter's prayers for the husband for 14 years. I was in tears. And thank you Twin Lakes for being a part of our transformation as a family."


Second Harvest

I am really excited about the Second Harvest Food Drive. We hope to show LOVE to Santa Cruz by breaking our record of 330,000 pounds. The drive goes until November 9th! If we each give $30 and 30 pounds, we'll surpass our goal! This is a real effective way to show Santa Cruz County the love of Christ.

SHAREFEST Saturday, October 25


Choose one of the following projects, and then sign up this weekend at the ShareFest table in the church lobby! This is showing LOVE in a tangible way!

Here are the ShareFest projects so far: