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Aptos Church Raises 1.2 Million Pounds of Food for Food Bank

November 27, 2011

By Katelyn Sykes

The Second Harvest Food Bank in Santa Cruz County got its largest donation in the organization’s history thanks to an Aptos church.

10 weeks ago, Pastor Rene Schlaepfer of Twin Lakes Church challenged his congregation to donate one million pounds of food to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

“Honestly, we kind of just picked these numbers out of the air because they sounded like God size numbers that seemed impossible unless the community really worked together in faith,” he said.

Schlaepfer challenged every person in the church to get involved. He said after announcing his challenge, he wasn’t optimistic they’d be able to even come close but that night, it all changed.

“A little kid that’s six years old, emailed me that night with the help of his mom, and he said ‘I was so excited with this goal that I decided to go door to door and sell paper kites and selling them for two dollars for the food drive,’” he said.

Schlaepher said the entire congregation was inspired! From the kids, to adults selling whatever the could, the donations started pouring in. On Sunday, the congregation found out if they made their million pound goal!

“This week, when we counted how much food and cash donations came in and it totaled to over one million two hundred thousand pounds, I just put my face in my hands and just cried,” said Schlaepfer.

“It’s going to allow us to plan our purchases a bit better and to make sure that we can keep people fed during the hardest times and on top of it, that we’re feeding them with healthy nutritious food is even better,” said Danny Keith, Second Harvest Food Bank.

“I’m pretty overcome with gratitude with just a lot of emotion,” said Schlaepfer. “Just a lot of thanksgiving for the people of this church and to God for working through us.”

“It’s just an amazing gift to have and these people are always touching hearts,” said Keith.

Second Harvest Food Bank serves 55,000 people in Santa Cruz County every month with over half of them being kids.

Original article: Aptos Church Raises 1.2 Million Pounds of Food for Food Bank