On-Going Small Group Studies

Connecting through small groups in a church the size of Twin Lakes Church is what binds us together! TLC is a diverse community consisting of people from all walks of life in all stages of life, and there's a place for you! 

Our hope is that small groups will continue to meet and thrive all year round! 

Here is a list of some recommended materials designed specifically for small groups! So keep learning, welcome some new people in your group, or start a new one! For support, contact the Small Groups Department at: 831-465-3300.

Please note: A limited number of DVDs are available at Twin Lakes Church on a first come first served basis. Contact Jim at jim@tlc.org or 831-465-3331. Books and/or study guides can be purchased on Amazon. 

Recommended Studies

  • Sermon Notes: Meet and discuss the current sermon notes and daily meditations with your small group.

  • Faith Lessons Series, by Ray Vander Laan. This study series weaves together historical, cultural, and geographical contexts to reveal keen insights into understanding God and Jesus’ teaching. 

  • Who is This Man: The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus, by John Ortberg. Discover the influence and challenge Jesus has on history, and on your life! Bible Study includes Leader Guide and Teaching DVD (5-sessions =  total 90 minutes)

  • Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. A video-driven Bible study for small groups. The God of the universe loves us with a Radical Love. Includes teaching DVD (85 minutes), outtake footage, trailer, behind-the-scenes footage. 
  • The POWER of God's Names, by Tony Evans. Get to know the names of God through this six-session study because it is in knowing His character and His capacity that you will rest and discover both peace and power in His covenant care.
  • not a fan, by Kyle Idleman. Twenty times in the New Testament, Jesus issued a compelling and challenging invitation to Follow Him. He's not interested in mere fans. He doesn't want enthusiastic admirers. He wants Completely Committed Followers. This one-of-a-kind small group study examines what it means to deny one's self and truly follow Jesus.
  • FRESH: Reviving Stale Faith, by Kerry Shook. Instead of relenting to overcrowded agendas, busy schedules, and fast-pasted, frantic day-to-day routines - leaving us with a faith that's stale and tired, FRESH takes a look at the the daily spiritual disciplines of the ancients - such as meditation, fasting, and silence. It's fresh faith that feels active and alive. It's fresh faith that makes a difference in this world.
  • Do Over: Experience New Life in Christ, by Ben Mandrell. The apostle Paul argued persuasively that Jesus Christ alone can cancel a person's past. Using the Book of Romans, Ben Mandrell will guide your group to discover that through the blood of Jesus, new mercies are available every day. Jesus offers us the "do over" we've been looking for.
  • Honest To God: Real Questions People Ask, by Robert Jeffress. This study will address foundational issues in the life of every person: the origin and significance of human life, the existence and nature of God, and how God reveals Himself and relates to people.
  • Scouting the Divine, by Margaret Feinberg. Come on a spiritual adventure that moves from reading the Bible to entering stories that can be touched, tasted, heard, seen, smelled, and savored - and in the process, discover the beauty and wonder of the Scriptures. 6-session Bible study with leader guides, DVD teaching, music, audio segments and more. You can facilitate a group exploration of how ancient livelihoods illuminate meaningful Christian truths that apply to life today.
  • The Organic God: Through personal stories and biblical insights, Margaret Feinberg shares glimpses of God’s character—bighearted, kind, beautiful, mysterious—that point you to an authentic and naturally spiritual relationship with Him. 6-session video-driven Bible study.
  • The Reason for God, by Timothy Keller: "Why does God allow suffering in the world? How could a loving God send people to Hell? Why are Christians such hypocrites? How can one religion be “right” and the others “wrong”? Why is there so much evil in the world?" These are just a few of the questions and doubts even skeptics and ardent believers wrestle with today. Learn how to engage others in dialogue on six common objections to Christianity and some of the most important reasons for faith.
  • James: Showing Our Faith in Jesus, by Bible Sense. Discover the book of James in this 8-session DVD and Small Group study guide using all five of your senses - See, hear, smell, taste and touch God's Word.
  • r12: A proven pathway to become like Jesus: Chip Ingram has a unique ability to communicate truth and winsomely challenge people to live out their faith. Romans 12 provides a relational profile of an authentic disciple: someone who is surrendered to God, separate from the world's values, sober in self-assessment, serving in love and supernaturally responds to evil with good.  Christians who live out this kind of lifestyle are what we call r12 Christians.  God is willing to go deeper and grow you into a real disciple...are you ready?  The DVD series consists of ten 30-minute sessions.
  • The Search for Significance, by Robert S. McGee. This 8 session, small-group resource gives practical learning activities that help believers in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord apply God's truth, and gain a real sense of self-worth.
  • We Study Together, by Marilyn Miller. An web-based study and tools you can use and print your small group.
  • Life Change Series: These are verse-by-verse studies with references to other books of the Bible.