Volunteer Serving Opportunities

  • Homeless Christmas Party - the WINGS ministry to the homeless are looking for volunteers to provide the following for their Christmas party on Dec. 21st for the homeless(and formerly homeless):  2 pots soup, 20 sandwiches, cold beverages (for 30), and 2 dozen sugar cookies ready to decorate.  Contact Amelia at browningad87@gmail.com for more details.
  • Bridge of Hope, a ministry to those in nursing homes, is looking for volunteers to serve in several different ways.  1.  Volunteers needed to help at the facilities by sitting with residents, listening to them, turning pages in a song book, and being a friend.  2.  Volunteers needed to assist resident group that comes to TLC for the 10:45 AM Sunday morning service by pushing their wheelchair into church and/or back to the van after the service.  3.  Individuals who would like to share their talents - singing, dancing, drama, etc. - to an appreciative nursing home audience.  Please contact mary@cruzio.com or call Bridge of Hope at 464-2362.
  • Early Childhood Ministry is looking for volunteers to serve in our classrooms during weekend service times. We are looking for loving, attentive, patient volunteers with a heart for playing and learning with children. Volunteers are needed for the following age groups: infants, toddlers, 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, pre-K, and kindergarten. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Rebekah Dunbar at rebekah@tlc.org or 831-465-3347.
  • Early Childhood Ministry: Play guitar? Know a few songs? Don’t know a few songs? Like kids? Preschool Ministry is looking for people who can lead music for Sunday School! Contact Rebekah at rebekah@tlc.org or 831-465-3347. Come serve and be blessed by the children of our church!
  • Celebrate Kids is looking for volunteers for the weekend services! There are so many ways to serve in this area so don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to play, learn, mentor, and grow with the kids! For more information, contact Rachel at rachel@tlc.org or 831-465-3385.
  • Communion Servers: Contact Susie at susie@tlc.org or 831-465-3395.
  • Deaconesses: Assist with baptism, communion, memorials and visit shut-ins. Contact Gary at gary@tlc.org or 831-465-3395.
  • Gardening & Landscape: Planting and maintaining greenery around the campus. Contact Tom at tom@tlc.org or 831-465-3375.
  • Outreach: Volunteer opportunities available year-round. Contact Robin at robin@tlc.org or 831-465‑3381.
  • Veteran’s Outreach: Help prepare and serve lunch on Wednesdays to veterans. Contact Donna Lua at donna30jan@aim.com.
  • Photography: We need photographs of TLC events, weekend services, small group meetings, and everything else! If you’d like to help provide high-resolution digital photographs for historical and promotional purposes, contact info@tlc.org or 831-465-3315

See also Weekend Services Welcome Team.