Apologetics Conference 2011

Reasons for Faith

August 20th & 21st at Twin Lakes Church

Reasons for Faith

Are there reasonable answers to your questions about God? What is the latest research showing about the validity of Christianity? In this FREE weekend conference, you’ll meet some of today’s most respected speakers and writers in the field of Christian Apologetics.

Directions to Twin Lakes Church

Saturday, August 20th

9:00am Welcome/Continental Breakfast

9:30am Craig Hazen: Evidence for the Resurrection

Is it reasonable to believe that Jesus rose bodily from the dead after the Crucifixion? Calling on some of the latest research in history and New Testament studies, Dr. Hazen uses new and compelling data to answer the question with a resounding, yes! In addition, he provides an overall "Case for Christianity" and shows that Christianity is securely built on a foundation of fact and sound reason.

10:20–10:30 Break

10:30am JP Moreland: Case for the Existence of the Soul 

While most people throughout history have believed that we are both physical and spiritual beings, the rise of science has called into question the existence of the soul. Many now argue that neurophysiology demonstrates the radical dependence, indeed, identity, between mind and brain. Advances in genetics and in mapping human DNA, some say, show there is no need for the hypothesis of body-soul dualism. Even many Christian intellectuals have come to view the soul as a false Greek concept that is outdated and unbiblical. Concurrent with the demise of dualism has been the rise of advanced medical technologies that have brought to the fore difficult issues at both edges of life. Central to questions about abortion, fetal research, reproductive techologies, cloning and euthanasia is our understanding of the nature of human personhood, the reality of life after death and the value of ethical or religious knowledge as compared to scientific knowledge. J. P. Moreland argues that the rise of these problems alongside the demise of Christian dualism is no coincidence. He therefore employs a theological realism to meet these pressing issues, and to present a reasonable and biblical depiction of human nature as it impinges upon critical ethical concerns. 

11:20–11:30 Break

11:30am Gregory Koukl: Jesus: Man or Myth?

There is a reason the ancient historical accounts of the life of Jesus of Nazareth do not start with the phrase, “Once upon a time….”  On the face of it, the authors did not appear to be writing fairytales for future generations, but rather detailed accounts of the extraordinary events in the life of a particular Jewish carpenter who actually changed the course of history.   They were convinced the events in their accounts really happened.

This conviction has come under attack today, particularly in popular culture.  Countless books, movies, and websites have sprung up arguing that Jesus Christ never even existed, or if He did, that the miraculous works attributed to His divinity are mere mythical embellishments borrowed from surrounding pagan religions.

In this powerful presentation, Greg mounts a three-pronged defense of Christ's historicity. First, he shows that Jesus of Nazareth was a real, flesh-and-blood human of history. Second, he silences the charge that Jesus was a "recycled redeemer," one of many miracle-working, dying-and-rising messiahs of legend.  And finally, he demonstrates why professional historians consider the Gospel accounts reliable history.

12:20pm–1:10pm Lunch break (provided at TLC)

1:10–1:50 Q&A Panel with Craig Hazen, JP Moreland & Gregory Koukl

Present your questions to the experts, moderated by Pastor Paul Spurlock.

6pm Gregory Koukl: Responding to Arguments Against Christianity

In a world increasingly indifferent to Christian truth, followers of Christ need to be equipped to communicate with those who do not speak their language or accept their source of authority. Gregory Koukl demonstrates how to get in the driver's seat, keeping any conversation moving with thoughtful, artful diplomacy. You'll learn how to maneuver comfortably and graciously through the minefields, stop challengers in their tracks, turn the tables and — most importantly — get people thinking about Jesus. Soon, your conversations will look more like diplomacy than D-Day.

Drawing on extensive experience defending Christianity in the public square, Koukl shows you how to communicate the compelling truth about Christianity with confidence and grace.

Sunday, August 21st

9am (repeated in 10:45 Venue service) Craig Hazen: Christianity in a World of Religions

This talk will set forth five ways in which Christianity is set apart from the other great world religious traditions. The creative method used is one which has opened doors to discussions about comparative religions in traditionally closed settings. The talk will focus on testability, grace, worldview fit, compartmentalisation, and Jesus.

10:45am JP Moreland: Love God with All Your Mind

A logical case for the role of the mind in spiritual transformation, challenging us to develop a Christian mind and to use our intellect to further God’s kingdom through evangelism, apologetics, worship and vocation.

Featured Speakers

J.P. Moreland

J. P. Moreland

With a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, Moreland has authored books including Christianity and the Nature of Science, and Does God Exist? His work appears in scholarly journals throughout the world.

Greg Koukl

Greg Koukl

Founder and president of Stand to Reason and an award-winning writer, Greg has published more than 180 articles and hosted his own radio talk show for over 20 years advocating clear-thinking Christianity.

Craig Hazen

Craig Hazen

Dr. Hazen is the editor of the philosophy journal, Philosophia Christi. He is also the author of numerous articles such as Science Never Fails. Dr. Hazen is the author of the Five Sacred Crossings, a breakout new novel. He recently lectured at the White House.