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God Is

What you believe about God changes everything. Knowing God as He is will lift your spirits and transform your entire perspective. Yet so many people think of God as unloving, uncaring, or unknowable.

Devote 50 days of your life to intentionally noticing and studying God’s messages to you about Himself. They’re everywhere. In God Is you’ll get a crisp, engaging introduction to what the Bible, creation, and some of history’s greatest thinkers really teach about God. What you find will surprise and renew you!

You can buy a God Is book at our weekend services or the church office or at, or follow along with the daily devotions online. We encourage you to go through this book with a group. Your group will study together, serve together, and encourage one another.

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René’s Video Blog

Rene recorded a video blog for each week of the God Is series, so you can follow along with his thoughts as you work through the study.