Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief


You can also donate online to JEMA, or send checks to CRASH. Learn more about how your donation will be used by the ministries below.

The best way for Americans to financially assist the Japanese people as they recover from the devastating earthquake is to work directly with locals who are already well-networked there. Twin Lakes Church is donating $10,000 to WorldVenture for immediate assistance. Funds donated to WorldVenture will go directly to the rebuilding of the 60+ WorldVenture churches that have been devastated by this catastrophe.

Twin Lakes Church supports a ministry in Japan led by our good friend Ken Taylor. Ken is VP of Japan Evangelical Missionary Association (JEMA) and is working with Christian Relief Support Assistance and Hope (CRASH). They've kept us up to date on what's going on there. Please keep the Taylors and their co-workers, as well as the whole nation of Japan, in your prayers.

Here's some background on what's happened: Ken has set up an earthquake relief command center with CRASH using his headquarters building located west of Tokyo as a central station. His team is now assessing the families and churches they partner with, many of whom are very near the epicenter, to determine their immediate and long-term needs. Sendai, the hardest hit of this tragedy is the heart of the WorldVenture Japan work that started over 60 years ago. There are 30+ churches in the immediate area where the earthquake struck and another 30 in the general area of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear fallout that need our help. This earthquake is the fifth largest earthquake in recorded history that has generated a massive tsunami down the eastern coast of Japan. The latest big concern is the radiation leak in the nearby town of Fukushima where their nuclear power plant is situated. One of the churches being supported, Fukushima FB Church, is only five minutes away from this nuclear plant.

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You can also donate online to JEMA, or send checks to CRASH.