Thrive Conference

Twin Lakes Church is a participant in the annual Thrive Conference at Bayside Church. Here’s more information about our books and small group materials.

God Is book

God Is

A 50-day study on the attributes of God, this book and DVD combo is perfect for small group studies. Read the devotions or watch the videos.

Dios Es book

Dios Es

Our God Is book in Spanish is being printed this month. An online version of devotions in Spanish will be available as well.

Grace Immersion book

Grace Immersion

Spend 50 days in immersing yourself in God’s grace. This book and DVD combo has been used by dozens of churches and small groups to help people understand the nature of God’s grace. Read the devotions or watch the videos.

Thrill Ride book

Thrill Ride

A collection of great sermon illustrations in book form. A colorful read on its own, or useful for pastors.