Adult Ministries

Wednesday Night Classes

TLC Fall Wednesday Nights
September 30th - November 18th, 2015  Monschke Hall
Dinner:  5:15-6:15pm
Dinner:  $6 Adults * $3 Children 3-12 * $15 Family of 4 or more
Electives:  6:30-7:45pm

TLC School of Theology: Christianity:  Know What You Believe –    Rm. 707
Is the Bible really God's word?  What is God's future plan for mankind?  How can I know I am saved?  These and other topics will be covered.  Journal fee:  $10    Teacher:   Mike Taylor

Jesus - One on One -      Rm. 704       Jesus, in his lifetime on earth, turned his attention from the many to the one, showing concern for each.  Witness Jesus one on one with a man of means, a governmental crook, a petty perfectionist and others he met whose lives were changed.  Teachers:  Dr. John Bristol & Julie Perez

Ho'onani (Praise) Hula Class (for Women ages 16-90) -        Rm. 706        Love the Lord?  Love the islands?  In this fun class, you will learn the foundational steps in hula to Hawaiian praise music, vocabulary and culture.  Join us and learn another form of beautiful worship to our precious Lord!  Teachers:  Louanne Korver and Leslie Eurs

“How To Stop The Pain” by James Richard (Women's class) –     Rm. 708        Every day, millions of wounded people live with crippling emotional pain that devastates their relationships and lives.  Don't be a victim!  Experience through this study the God's process found in the Bible to achieve emotional healing and freedom.  Together, we'll release the need to judge, and discover the only way to prevent pain.  $10 book fee. 
                                        Teacher:  Women’s Director Kim Breuninger

"The Seven" - Fall All TLC church study  -  Rm. 701     Pastor René Schlaepfer journeys to the sites of the seven churches in the Bible book of Revelations.  If you ever feel discouraged, exhausted, or in need of a personal word from God, the words of Christ contained in these ancient letters can change the way you see your present . . . and your future.  Wednesday nights will be an extension of the weekend message.  Video and small group experience around tables.
               Young Marrieds Class – Rm. 901 - Facilitators:  George & Susan Hurley

               Singles - Rm. 703 - Facilitators:  Wayne Smith & Rob Christensen

               Recovery - Rm. 705 - Facilitator:  Rick Spears

              All Others  -  Rm. 701    -    Facilitators:   Pastors Paul Spurlock  and  Dave Hicks

Children’s programs offered simultaneously:

0-2 years - free

3-PreK - "Kelp Forest Explorers" - $20

K-2nd grade - "Wave Riders" - $25

3rd-4th grade - "Faith In Action" - $15

5th grade - "Boarders" - $15