Children’s Enrichment Center (CEC)

To nurture and prepare the whole child to enter grade school by providing, in partnership with the home, a balanced education in a loving, Christ-centered environment.

About Us

Children’s Enrichment Center has operated as a ministry of Twin Lakes Church since 1975. It is under the direction of its Executive Board. All administrative personnel and the staff of CEC are born again Christians. CEC enrolls children ages 2–5, offering seven classrooms. We offer two programs: half day (ages 3–5) and full day (ages 2–5). The half day class hours are 8:30am to 12pm (drop off time is by 9:00am and pick up is by 12pm). The full day class hours are between 7am to 6pm (drop off is before 9:00am and pick up is any time before 6pm).

Our Mission

Assure that CEC successfully accomplishes its mission of nurturing and preparing the whole child to enter into grade school by providing, in partnership with the home, a balanced education in a loving, Christ-centered environment.

Admission Policy

The Children’s Enrichment Center enrolls students without discrimination as to race or religion. We reserve the right to dismiss those unwilling to comply with school regulations or students who demonstrate an unwillingness to attain behavioral expectations.


The Children’s Enrichment Center has been established as a preschool that provides a loving environment in which children can grow spiritually, socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Our program has a wide variety of activities. These activities include: Bible stories, art, music, math, science, small and large motor development and much more. A daily schedule of events is posted outside of each classroom.

  • Spiritual: To teach, demonstrate, and help each child experience God’s love.
  • Social: To provide each child with a group setting in which he or she may develop a growing relationship with peers and adults.
  • Mental: To enhance each child’s life through a program which encompasses creative and academic skills.
  • Emotional: To support and develop within each child the qualities of security, stability, independence, and love as provided by the staff and school environment.
  • Physical: To present an opportunity for participation in activities to stimulate body growth and development.


  • Monthly Themes
  • Zoo Phonics Reading Program
  • Age Appropriate Concepts


Children’s Enrichment Center is funded by:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Fundraisers
  • Donations

CEC receives no Federal or State funding.

Wait List

If you are interested in placing your child on the waiting list, please call our center at 831-465-3302. The information needed may be obtained over the phone. If you are interested in touring our facility, please call to set up an appointment. Safety is a priority, so we do not accept walk-ins.

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