Dave & Mitzie Shinen

Ministry Focus: Bible translation and literacy. We are working with our Yupik coworkers on completing the final revision of the New Testament and selected passages from the Old Testament. In the 1990s we were involved in helping establish an indigenous church among the Yupik people in Russia and there are currently five small congregations there. We have provided them with 50% of the New Testament, the Yupik Hymnal and other Christian literature. Providing God’s Word for a people in their mother-tongue is a great contribution to their spiritual well-being. Not only does it contribute to their spiritual growth, but it often has a stabilizing effect on their culture as well.

Facts About the Region: Most Yupik people live either on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska near the middle of the Bering Sea, (new addition) or on the Chukotka Peninsula in Russia. The Yupik people in Russia and Alaska were cut-off from each other during the Cold War years, but they were allowed to be reunited by both governments in 1988. This opened the door for sharing the Gospel to the Russian Yupiks and for helping them establish congregations in their villages.

Wycliffe Bible Translators: