Marty and Denise Shaw

Ministry Focus:  Marty and Denise are located at the headquarters of World Venture. Marty is the Asia/Pacific Ministries Director as well as gives oversight to the full International Ministries (IM) team. The IM team represents over 500 missionaries around the world, the Regional Directors, a Business as Mission team, the Journey Corps program (a 12-month program of discipleship and missions in Africa and Asia), and a mission researcher.  Marty provides leadership for 140 WorldVenture missionaries and ministries located in fourteen countries throughout Asia.  He is involved in opening new works with least evangelized people groups, partnering with new mission movements in the churches of Asia, developing local strategy, and working with Asian and WorldVenture leadership and missionaries.  With over 50% of the missionaries in Asia being single or married women, Denise finds plenty of opportunities in her travels with Marty.  We definitely see ourselves as missionaries with a global focus.