Easter Island

Bob and Nancy Weber

Ministry Focus:  Through linguistics, literacy, Scripture translation, and Bible studies, we desire to communicate the significance of Christ's redeeming love and of the new life He offers to those who choose to trust in Him.

Facts About the Region:  Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, was settled by Polynesians during the 4th century.  It was discovered by Europeans on Easter Sunday, 1722, and was annexed to the country of Chile in 1888.  The island lies 2,300 miles west of the Chilean mainland and 2,600 miles east of Tahiti.  Catholicism is the dominate religion of  the population of around 4,000 people (78.4%), with Evangelical Christianity at 5.1%.

Contact:  bob-nancy_weber@sil.org

Website:  www.Wycliffe.org

(Nancy & Bob Weber, & their team, translating the Bible for the Rapa Nui)

2011 Short-Term Mission & Pastoral Visitation Team