India - Little Flock Children's Home

Viji Cammauf


Ministry Focus: Little Flock Children's Homes is a ministry expressing God's heart to hurting orphaned and abandoned children. Through the vital participation of churches and community the children's desperate physical, spiritual and emotional needs can be met. Through the teaching of God's Word, these little ones - who thought they were last - learn that through Christ they become first. The fatherless have a Father Little Flock has from its inception reached out to the surrounding impoverished village communities through medical clinics and English teaching in the village schools. We hope that through these compassion outreaches the people will one day come to know our compassionate Lord and serve him as their God. A long-term goal is to plant a church to serve the village communities surrounding the children's home.

Facts About the Region: Population is over 1 billion people. The major language is Hindi though there are over 24 other languages spoken. 80% Hindu, 12% Muslim, 2.6% Christian. Near the Children's Home are the villages of Hanumanthapuram and Kondamangalam, which consist of approximately 1200-1400 each. The major language is Tamil with 98% or more Hindu.



2011 Little Flock - Pastoral Visit

2010 TLC Short-Term Mission