Middle East

Bob and Susie Doe (name altered for web confidentiality)

Ministry Focus:  Evangelism, discipleship, mentoring, small group Bible studies, developing culturally relevant materials, research and teaching.

Birthdays:  Bob 12/03, Suzanne 10/15

Anniversary:  05/24

Contact Info:  www.WorldVenture.com

Prayer Requests:

  • With more polarization and tumult within and without, pray that the believers will remain committed to outreach ministries and evangelism, as well as effective discipleship of the new generation.
  • Pray that God would pour forth His Spirit; this area of the world has never seen a true revival.
  • Pray for our "kings and rulers" that they might be wise in leading, so that true reform would benefit all, and that this area would not descend into instability and chaos as other countries have.