Ken and Julie Vaughan


Ministry Focus: We teach children of missionaries, diplomatic and business families in Dakar, Senegal, at Dakar Academ. Julie teaches art and Ken is the principal while also teaching High School Bible. We are both involved with mentoring students and working with outreach ministries to villages in Senegal. Julie is the adviser for the National Honor Society.

Facts About the Region: Senegal is a nation of about 13 million people. About 95% of Senegalese are Muslim. The majority of the rest are Catholic. The Senegalese pride themselves in their tolerance of religious freedom. Both Muslims and Catholics celebrate each other's holidays. Until very recently, it has been very difficult to convert Senegalese to a relationship with Jesus Christ. In recent years though, missionaries have begun to see significant results, especially in the rural villages of the Serere people group. Outreach teams from Dakar Academy, working with the national church, have been able to establish and build five churches in the past five years.