Sri Lanka

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Ministry Focus:  They train care givers, administrative staff and management at the Fridsro Children's home in Sri Lanka.  They also train a number of central workers in a variety of roles throughout the country.  Their goal is to train and educate those who work with children to care for them in a loving and caring way, protecting them from abuse and neglect.

Facts About the Region:  Sri Lanka, formerly called Ceylon, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, located in Southern Asia, southeast of India.  The climate includes tropical monsoons:  the northeast monsoon (December to march), and the southwest monsoon (June to October).  Of the twenty-two million people who live in Sri Lanka, 70% are Buddhists, 16% Hindu, 7% Islam and 7% Christians.  The two languages spoken are Sinhala 74% and Tamil 18%.  The thirty-year civil war ended in May 2009 leaving a large number of widows and abandoned children.