Doug and Melody Penney


Ministry Focus:  We are involved in evangelism, leadership training, and church development.

Facts About the Region:  About 90% of the people call themselves Buddhist, though most follow a traditional religion which includes ancestor and idol worship.  Mandarin Chinese is the official language, but many speak Taiwanese and some speak Haaka, a language used by some mountain people.  Only about 3 percent are Christian; most people are influenced by a strong tradition of Buddhism, Taoist, and ancestor worship, but materialism is a rising force in the young people.

Contact:  penney@ms71.hinet.net

Website:  www.WorldVenture.com

2011 Peace Center Church, Wu Feng - Pastoral Visit

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(Melody leads children in worship)

(Standard transportation in the city)

(Melody leading a women's Bible Study in her home)