Preparing for a Mission Trip

Application Process

Below is the application and contract you need to fill out to join a short-term team. Complete both and turn them in to the team leader of the trip you are interested in joining.

Sample Support Letters

These examples will help you in writing your own support letter to help raise the necessary funds for the trip.

How to Apply for a Passport

Take the following with you when you go to apply:

  1. Supply proof of U.S. citizenship. This must be one of the following:
    • A certified birth record (with official seal and date of filing), or
    • Naturalization papers, or
    • an old passport.
    It may take time to get a certified copy of your birth certificate, so request it early.
  2. Proof of identity. This is a document with photo and signature such as a valid driver's license or military ID.
  3. Two photos. These must be taken within the past six months and be full-face view, two-inches square with a plain white background. Do not wear head covering or hair styles radically different from your "normal look." One-hour photo labs in shopping malls do passport photos; Costco recommended.
  4. Completed application form. This form can be obtained from the post office or online via Google. Type in "How To Get A Passport." Click the site. Navigating the site, find and print out the passport application form. Note tips for processing.
  5. Payment. Take a check, money order, or exact change for each application.

With a variety of ways to pay fee (a check usually), submit your completed form by mail or at the following local Government facilities offering Passport services (they also typically have the application & forms on hand):

  • Aptos Main Post Office, 500 Cathedral Drive, Aptos, 831-688-3165
  • Capitola Post Office, 826 Bay Ave, Capitola, 800-ASK-USPS
  • Office of the City Clerk, One Civic Center Drive, Scotts Valley, 831-440-5602
  • Watsonville, 225 Main Street, Watsonville, 831-724-8414
  • Los Gatos Post Office, 101 S Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos, 408-395-7526
  • Ben Lomond Post Office, 250 Main Street, Ben Lomond, 831-336-8197
  • Santa Cruz County Clerk, 701 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, 831-454-2060
  • Santa Cruz Post Office, 850 Front Street, Santa Cruz, 831-426-0144

Apply now. Six weeks is a typical processing time, but it could take longer! From TLC missionary to Cambodia Steve Reed: "People will need to apply for their passports early. I have heard that the applications are up ten times the normal. This is because of the new laws for Mexico and Canada."

If you are renewing a passport, you can get the form from the post office and renew by mail.