Our first week in Zambia

Everything is going really well, the team is all healthy, the weather has been good, no mosquito issues, they’ve experienced no jet lag and no missing luggage!

An amazing thing happened when preparing to board the Ethiopian flight. People with more than 15 pounds in their carry-on luggage were being made to unload their belongings in order to meet the limit. Well, the four ladies were asked to stand aside, then someone came and simply said “follow me” — to their surprise, they were taken directly onto the plane (each of their carry-ons definitely would have exceeded the 15-pound limit).

Yesterday the team attended a church of 2,000 in a bldg. about the size of Mount Hermon’s Field House. Kim said that the preacher was a Joel Osteen look-alike and the worship was incredible!

Here’s what’s coming up in their schedule this week...

  • Monday they start the retreat with 32 Zambian pastor’s wives teaching them about nutrition, cooking, craft projects as well as Bible studies.
  • Later in the week they will go on a campout with about 8 of the Action Zambia missionary wives, tenting it by a river for two days — a time of sharing and caring for one another.

The team is SO grateful to be remembered in our prayers — their strength really has been renewed daily.