Zambia Blog 2012

July 5–20, 2012

Read the story of our journey: Start with Day 1

Meet the team: (left to right)

Kim Breuninger, Dir. Women's Ministry at Twin Lakes Church. This will be Kim's 7th trip to Zambia.

Rhonda McEntee, A Fifth grade teacher for over 25 years. This will be Rhonda's 2nd trip to Zambia.

Julie Perez, a home school mom who loves to teach and speak. This is Julie's first trip to Zambia.

Kristy Claassen, is a license eligible, Marriage Family Therapist Intern who has experience in crisis counseling. This is Kristy's first trip to Zambia.

What we'll do:

The Zambia Project, a ministry of Twin Lakes Church Women’s Ministry, exists to educate, equip and encourage women in Lusaka, Zambia for ministry, with the vision that these women will share what they’ve learned with others. We accomplish this through a once a year APC (Action Pastors College) Wives Conference, held in July and hosted by our Twin Lakes Church team. This is followed by the Action Pastor’s Wives Fellowship, established by the wives themselves, as a follow up to the conference for their ongoing learning and sharing with the community. God is doing great things!

This year we'll also hold a one day Bible camp for 80 children from House of Martha orphanage. We call it "Christmas in July". We'll have a fun day of games, songs, Bible stories, even a bounce house!

Prayers Answered in Zambia, May 2012

A recent poll conducted in Zambia, Africa revealed that 12 out of 15 Zambian women residing in the capitol city, Lusaka, don’t read well enough to understand their Bibles. After spending considerable time with the women of Lusaka, this was not surprising to me. What concerns me is the fact that many of the pastors’ wives, leaders in their communities and churches, are unable to read and understand their Bibles, which leaves them unable to feed themselves and others from God's Word.

A few years ago I began talking and praying about providing an English reading program for adult women in Zambia. Recently I received an email from my missionary friend in Lusaka, Karen (her husband teaches at the Action Pastors College), letting me know that SHE has begun this program. She says “Already there has been encouragement from the class-it is giving the women confidence to serve alongside their husbands in ministry”. Karen goes on to say “I really owe you and your team for helping me grasp a vision for the women, God has given me a great a purpose here.”

Building on Karen’s efforts, this July our team of four will lead our third annual 4-day conference for pastors wives. We'll instruct them in how to use their Bibles, lead Bible studies, provide counseling, HIV and nutrition education, and much more. We'll also hold a one-day Bible camp for 80 children and adults from the House of Martha orphanage.

For all who’ve given to our Zambia Project in the past and again this year, we say a big ‘Thank you!” for your generous support. We leave on July 5, 2012 and still have needs as shown below. Through your prayers we know the Lord will provide those needs and also the encouragement needed to do all for His glory.

Items still needed:

  • Children’s Bible Camp for 80 children, $13 each ($1040 total)
  • 20 children’s Bibles, $13 each ($260 total)
  • 7 pastors wives’ scholarships for Women’s conference, $153 each ($1071)
  • Team airfare balance, $1000

God Bless You!
Kim Breuninger